Founded in 2013, Euro Asia Remanufacturing Service LLC. (EARS) will started it’s fully house repair facilities in Mongolia in the beginning of 2014. With a focus on hydraulics, EARS will possess the capabilities to repair, remanufacture or source (new) any hydraulic component used on today's mobile and industrial machines. This includes all cylinders parts, hydraulic pumps and motors, seal kits and bearing supplies.

In addition to our hydraulic supplies and services, EARS will offer metal part fabrication and reclamation works.  This includes machining and welding service capability of most mobile and fixed plant mining equipment.

Our team has over 20 years of experience and affiliated companies with same scope of work throughout the world.  Now, we will be in Mongolia to offer our already existing and potential customers with reliable services and products that are cost effective.

  • A smile for everyone:
    On-going contribution to
    Mongolian society and our
    hearts and souls at bettering it

  • Cost saving refurbishment
    Guaranteeing your lowest
    operational cost per hour

  • Social responsibility:
    Environmental friendly
    technologies & processes

  • Off-highway trucks at work:
    Unparalleled reliability and downtime